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Meet Steve

Exploring Spatial

Personal geospatial learning lab.

Welcome to my web site. Exploring Spatial is a companion site to my blog, ExploringSpatial (see feed, on left).  I closed Byteworks when I joined Garmin International, but I've resurrected the web site to host my labs.

Labs and Demos

Leaflet Javascript Framework - These demos are simple examples using key features of Leaflet.

  • Shapes and Layers - This example shows layers and shapes. Cloudmade and OSM work great! Google Map, not so much. More work to do here.
  • Garmin Connect Style Map - In this example I'm trying to recreate the map interface used on Garmin Connect using Backbone, Underscore, and Leaflet. I'm just getting started.

Online Mapping Examples - These demos showcase online mapping services.

  • MapBox - This map of earthquakes was generated using TileMill as part of its tutorial.
  • ArcGIS Online - This map of earthquakes was created with ArcGIS Online for a Coursera course.